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this is how everyone drives when im sitting in the backseat and carsick


I just love that wobbly green pole at the start of the game. 

I also enjoy how it feels kinda like when you start doing bumper-cars and are like "There isn't much to do besides build up speed and hit things and lean into my turns in anticipation." It captures that feel well for me.


great car model and colors. I was thinking, "pretty good driving controller so far, the drift button should probably do more" then I hit a tree and went flying all over and laughed a lot. Excited to see if you do more with it.

thanks! i got the model from this website, it has a lot of amazing ripped stuff 

glad you had a fun time with it lol, I'm excited to keep working on this. making a driving control that feels good is a complicated world but i want to try and keep it simple if i can 


Nice! Every time I hit a wall I am suddenly falling upwards into the sky, but I assume this is because it's just a demo

yep! i'm excited to keep working on this thing, for now, if i can get a car that feels nice to drive around that will be a big win