Drop Final Write-Up

In this final iteration of the game, the biggest changes are mostly removals of features from previous versions. When I started out making this game, the player had very little control over the drop and could slow or stop its fall. As time went on, I started to add more features that let they player do this, like pressing space to slow down and being able to move upwards on the screen. This made for a slower, more strategic experience, where the player had more agency.

However, when I play tested this, despite providing more control, because of the game's theme, it didn't feel intuitive. It felt wrong to be able to slide back up the window, and players actually expressed a desire for the challenge that would come with constantly falling fast.

Slowing down and moving upwards are no longer possible, making the player's only control over the drop in the right and left motion. I think simplifying the actions the player needs to think about doing was a good decision. Instead of segmented movement like the first iteration had, the drop now moves fluidly, and instead of simply not being able to move past the edges of the screen, the edges bounce the player back, making for strategic opportunities to angle one's fall to get a droplet.

If I had more time I would work on the placement of droplets and obstacles further, making them work better with the new movement controls. I would also tune the scoring system a little bit more.

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Published 237 days ago