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No idea where to go after the first black room


walk through the drawing of people holding a torch!


thank you!


"Wanna upgrade to Dropbox Premium?"

"Nah, fam. I've got a better idea."


Hey, thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed that. Because your gallery was so curated and presented in a way you wanted, it didn't feel voyeuristic, more like an invitation. And when certain images jumped out as ones I might have saved ("who stole my body," "can't wait to be human again," etc.) , I felt camaraderie.  Great glitch work and use of space too.


Thank you so much !!! those images also made me feel some type of "camaraderie" when I found them, I'm glad that i could transfer the feeling to more people and also to know that it resonates with other people besides me. So glad you liked it!


I'm not one for virtual museums, or IRL museums for that matter, but I was quite engrossed by this one. It felt to me like a documentary piece about friendship and sadness and anime memes. Very cool, great job <3

and if i had to criticize something... please remove the headbob and footstep/jump sounds :p


ty!! I'm glad you enjoyed it and the emotional notes came through, I'm definitely interested in the idea of documentary games after this. 

the bad head-bob was a choice, not one that I will defend vigorously though haha 


Deleted 3 years ago

Wow wow wow, beyond in love with this <3

<3 <3 <3 thank you so much! client says 'not available on windows', despite having a dowload ...

thanks for pointing that out! I forgot to check the boxes to specify the build types! fixed that


Nice sweater Dennis.