A downloadable game

made for A Game By Its Cover Jam 2018

the original description as it was google translated:

"ぽつぽつ is a visual/audio synthesizer where players simulate a rainy day stuck indoors. The TV becomes an imaginary window into a rainy world as players control the patterns/intensity of the rain and the materials of the roof it lands on."

There may not be roofs in this, but I liked the concept and hopefully made something in the spirit of it. 

Mess with the settings and have fun!


ぽつぽつ_windows.zip 24 MB
ぽつぽつ_mac.zip 31 MB


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Thanks so much for creating this based off my famicase submission I love how it came out!

oh wow this makes me so happy! Thanks for submitting the cartridge! : - ) !!

Do you have an instagram I'd love to give you a shout out?

Ah this was so *nice*! The rain sounds were super calming and I enjoyed playing around with all the settings and smashing the lightning :>

thanks so much!! im glad you liked it  :3c