A downloadable tragedy for Windows and macOS

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PlatformsWindows, macOS
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Jogo completo não comentado ( Uncommented gameplay) :)

Megalophobia development simulator


the best titanic 2 ive seen since tentacalino


looks like smth i need to go watch...


Awesome atmosphere! Feeling like I've been there


thanks so much for playing! glad you enjoyed the vibes!




really cool and interesting. I somewhat wish there were less of those goofy nintendo assets because they kinda clash with the mood, but then again they were funny. I liked the music a lot too and the aquarium and seabed were my favorite parts. thank you for making it!


Works great in Fedora Linux with Lutris via the Wine Runner, and on my underpowered lil laptop too.

It was a fun ride, I especially enjoyed the transitions from scene to architecture to scene, lighting and all

"Mac build, notarization is not yet in place which means some Mac OS have trouble opening the game, working on this now! "

Does this explain why I can't open it at all?

yeah, unfortunately :( I'm waiting on apple to approve me for the developer program now, and hopefully I'll be able to finish notarization within the next week, so stay tuned!

Hmm alright. I wonder how being approved for the developer program by apple works.

notarized mac build is up now!




This is so damn good


again, flan has outdone themselves with a fantastic spin on the walking sim genre, literally wallowing in the depths of space, time, and iconic characters.

playing this game felt like sinking into my head in the hyper-mediated age of simulations, simulacra, and late capitalism. the way it's structured and the constant sense of not being able to tell where one room ends and the next begin, where you end and the world begins, was a deeply intrusive yet poignant look into my subconscious corrupted by media. the way this game is framed and its constant reference to other characters, media, and life formsallows it to hold a mirror up to our brains as they're filled with so much external stimuli--movies, games, music, pictures, museums, etc.--that we begin to question what thoughts are our own and what thoughts are intrusive sunken ships, armed with lost romances, abandoned ballrooms, and unfinished stories to disturb the insular deep-sea from its peace. 

if i've learned anything from this game, it's this:

it's scary what goes on in all the places we can't see, but it's important to remember that even in darkness, your heart will go on.


<3 <3 <3 <3


I love this!!


this game is bizarre, and I love it

thank you :3


Well... wow. That certainly was an experience! Those photos are real I take it? The lights are top here!


thank you !!! the photos in the aquarium? they are real, as far as I can tell. thanks for playing :)